The eye takes in violet light, seeing stars in broad daylight

Thy Veils
Ensemble of syncretic art

It is a concept turned into style, a minimalist and complex meditation. Born out of the reality of the past millennium, nurtured by digital media expression and communication, Thy Veils’ art speaks through dense vision about exploration, experimentation and the search within the sphere of the undefined, of movement in the quantum.

Thy Veils started out as a studio project in 1995, headed by Daniel Dorobantu, and soon it became a pioneering name in the Romanian ambient music scene. After 13 years of studio productions, in 2008 Daniel transforms Thy Veils into an ensemble of performing art.

By 2019 Thy Veils self produced seven studio albums, three live recordings and numerous singles, a DVD with non-narrative video essays, video art for live performances and video installations, music for film and contemporary dance.

Thy Veils’ live events are immersive audio-visual shows, transporting the auditorium towards the worlds within and the unfathomable depths of empathic comprehension and contemplation.


Daniel Dorobanțu – electronics, arrangements, production, visual
Alira Mun – voice
Petre Ionuțescu – trumpet
Manuela Marchiș – voice
Radu Pieloiu – drums, percussion
Ana Telea – guitar
Attila Lukinich – mixing and mastering engineer
Georgiana Feidi – photography
Anita Ramona – stylist


Vlad Sturdza – guitar
Alexandru Hegyesi – dulcimer, zither, kantele, psaltery
Octavian Scurtu – rhythm programming, sound design
Ionuț Dorobanțu – guitar
Dan Griober – mixing, production
Dan Florin Spătaru – design, photography
Andrei Nica – videographer
Ovidiu Hrin – design
Vlad Lodoabă – photography
Mihai Surdea – photography


Dora Gaitanovici – voice
Sol Faur (DorDeDuh) – guitar
Sergiu Catană – percussion, shakuhachi
Ovidiu Mihăiță – drums, percussion
Anuka Kontridze – tabla
Ciprian Costache (Arc Gotic) – guitar
Yin Yue – dancer
Alina Ștefan – dancer
Antonia Rașovan – dancer