Thy Veils joins the New and Joyous Celebration: the 235th Galactic Tick Day
to acknowledge our spin around the Galactic Center

Thy Veils takes pride and joy in the participation at The Galactic Tick Day as it is “the first Celebration to acknowledge our Sun’s motion, our progress around the home galaxy, and humanity’s knowledge of this motion”. We are thrilled to embark on this journey and to enrich the Celebration with our music and art work.

The contribution to the The Galactic Tick Day consists in providing free access to Thy Veils’ full discography released 1998-2016. Between 28 and 29 September every song and album of Thy Veils’ discography is available as free download:

The Celebration of The Galactic Tick Day is like a signal that came out of nowhere, yet was awaited by so many people. It is an idea based on science but sustained by the understanding that on the planetary scale we are all a human family, a planetary society. Thy Veils upholds the goals of the Galactic Tick Celebration as David Sneider, one of the creators, named them: to bring excitement and awe in peoples lives and to raise awareness on the nature of the Universe.

Thy Veils is a resonant name for the ambient, neoclassic and world-fusion genres, both in the Romanian and international artistic scene, founded in 1995 by Daniel Dorobantu. The project has evolved now into a syncretic art ensemble, reuniting different artists but remaining a unique integrative creation. In the summer of 2016 Thy Veils made a change in orbit and increased the speed when launching the new single, Sun Sun. The single is also available for all the participants to Celebration of The Galactic Tick Day. Thy Veils’s themes gravitate around introspection, contemplative and meditative states, as parts of an ecstatic journey into our knowledge about the Cosmos. The multimedia art signed by Daniel Dorobanțu creates a full circle of musical-visual wondrous atmosphere, spreading insights of our Universe, having the drive to dissolve one’s personal limits and smoothing the passage of the audience towards the inner and outer worlds.

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Thy Veils photography by Georgiana Feidi