Keep your heart in wonder

Neoradiant is the next step in Thy Veils’ odyssey, a new and vast dimension.

Announced on 1 January 2017, Neoradiant is the name of a new chapter for Thy Veils, defined by an artistic vision that focuses on the future and getting there guided by a sense of wonder, enthusiastic dynamics and the contemplative ecstasies of freely exploring the Universe and its reality.

The vast expanse of everything

Under the name of Neoradiant there will be produced and released not only new songs and video art but also comics, conceptual shows, installations, concept photography and more.

Joyfully, a full length Neoradiant Sci-Fi feature film is in pre-production.

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Songs of Neoradiant
Being released as they are produced

“These are signals to the receiver, the instrument, the conduit, the transmutation of loss into elegy, song into home.”





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Thy Veils – Timeshards

Thy Veils – Neoradiant – instrumental

Thy Veils – Advance

Thy Veils Live in Berlin