Thy Veils - Fluttering Light

Thy Veils - Next Forever

It is the end of seeking

With the new single Next Forever, Thy Veils is introducing a new creative chapter, different in its essence, yet similar to a journey. The material comes as a drawn up path with a clear intention in the road built by the previous chapter, Neoradiant.

In the context of Thy Veils’ explorations, Next Forever is the joy of reaching back home. It is, from a compositional point of view, a dance that you organically acquire and develop from inertia and in the free principles of happiness.

New intensities, same light

Next Forever is a climate where music becomes an indicator of energy. The individual, in the aridity of knowledge, becomes both the eye that almost closes to create its horizon clearly, and the skyline from its indecipherable end.

To complete its experience, Next Forever brings, just like Neoradiant, a series of translations of different audio-visual language, which fit into being all the meanings of these new horizons.