Once upon a new age of the future, we will meet at a crossroads. And while singing and dancing, we might remember the day today – when we were still only hopeful of all the happiness that would follow.

Welcome then to a journey meandering through the vast terrain of ideas relevant to our album to come, Next Forever. Here is where we dream of the wildest and brightest possibilities. It’s a cherished space of freedom, which welcomes us all along with our hopes, ideas, desires, and most of all curiosity to explore.

“the eye within eye
the light beyond light
ten thousand houses”

“A High Age” opens the story we wish to tell in “Next Forever”. Its three dimensions witness the fruition of an ecstatic state of consciousness. It is a moment when we all share the same joyful energy.

“white clouds
layer upon layer”

The first dimension sets the environment for a mythology of the future. This is where we move about, the space we all inhabit in harmony. That is because the second plane of apprehension in this myth is light. All-encompassing, glistening, dazzling light emerging from all corners of perception.

 “the vast eternal sea
look outside conventions
for those who know the self”

The last level, the one where we all meet, is the healing enthusiasm that has no borders. And here is where we all converge in dynamic contemplation – a profoundly joyful and radiant state of reverie.

A subtle flowing stream in the deep valleys of the Chinese Zen masters, one of the great treasures of Zen literature, “The Blue Cliff Record” is the source of all verses accompanying this track.