One day I saw a sunrise so sublime that words couldn’t even get near it. It was just as someone from a far galaxy, traveled many suns to find earth. They had a dream to make this world the most harmonious place. They found the spark of one of them and his calling was to become a music teller. He took people to faraway lands and opened vast spaces into their inner universal time-spaces.

The creation was rare and enchanting so that they became nature itself when listening and the soul traveled freely through imagination. It happens that we sometimes meet the tender sensibility of the creator.

So empty yourself with light until you become morning.

Imagine this brief sweet cosmic event is just one partial, momentary, fleeting expression in the infinity of space and eternity of time, from more than one single perspective. Why do we talk at all? Sometimes just to say, “Look at that sky!”

The new world took as all by surprise, for it did not come out of the old. When the new appeared, time itself had been dissolved into a pearly bluish light, becoming soft like petals of a flower. What are you looking for, outward? Turn inwards to the core of experiencing itself, let go into the unknown.

The New was within you all along, deep beneath all the stories, deep into the depths, deep into the oceans, the oblivion, hidden into the inner earth and space, protected away. The new space is one for exploration, an echo of experience.

No longer stuck in clarifying duality, we run towards and beyond all experiences. You are beyond all experiences. All experiences appear to you. You are greater than them and therefore you do not need to be afraid of them. Experiencing the coming and the going, you are that which witnesses and knows those experiences. You might be tempted to identify yourself with those experiences, yet instead just see them come and go. Go deep inside and contemplate. What you are is Purity.

The endlessness of the Being kneels before the unknown, allowing life and Grace to follow their course. Grace is at the centre of all actions, don’t be the judge of Grace. The feeling of purity and home sparks the fire within, fueling our drive. Do you sometimes happen to no longer see the mystery? That’s the ultimate mystery. Living is the ultimate mystery. Life is enough of a mystery.

True freedom was not attained through perfecting any methods or techniques. Truth isn’t attained at all, it is discovered. Travel far enough and you will only find yourself. Freedom is our very nature, it’s what you are; if you haven’t noticed it yet is because you’re too busy searching for it. When you stop seeking the truth, you find that it is already here and now.

I followed the stream of a dream

echoing the mountain’s high

while the ocean’s depths kept dissolving

into the woods,

onto the plains of remembering.

There, a seraphic essence

brightened with honest, rich gifts

was a resounding experience.

I insist:

“What’s the next step?”

And the answer was source

The Way is aware

The Way is silence and surrender

The Way is effortless

The Way is no more seeking

The Way is absorbing

The Way is everywhere

The Way is just this

And something more than this

and everything

The Way embraces all

Includes all 

Nourishes all

The way is interconnectedness.

Be at peace 

The Way has you


by Andreea Musat