As the winter solstice passes and the days begin to grow longer once again, we find ourselves still, for a moment, drawn inward. It’s the perfect time for a journey on the inside, exploring the mysteries within. 

In many cultures, winter is a time of myth and legend, of gathering around the fire to share tales of adventure and awe. It is a time when the veil between the worlds grows thin and magic seems just within reach. Whether exploring our own cultures’ traditions or discovering others’ legends, let’s embrace the wonder of storytelling and the transformative power of the winter solstice.

For us, music has always been a way to express our inner journeys and share those stories with others. Whether it’s through the lyrics of our songs or the energy of our live performances, we hope to unveil new worlds and inspire you to explore your inner infinity.

Let your imagination run free! There is nothing to stop it. And your journey companions are the mythological stories that shape us so unequivocally that we stop seeing them with our eyes within. Yet, it’s time to open them again!

We hope that you, too, can find joy, happiness, mesmerizing meaning, and bliss amid the winter season. Harness the power of the stars coming together and prepare yourself for another leap around the Sun. Take this time to reflect on all that you are grateful for and the endless possibilities that lay ahead.

As we all look to the future and the rising of the new year, let us embrace the warmth of family, friends, and cheerful mystery.

From all of us at Thy Veils,

Keep your heart in wonder!