It is coming from a world away. But wonder is a language we all understand.

Influx is our ecstatic call to unity, an invitation to a new togetherness. It’s our joyful celebration of shared understanding.

Musically integrating funk for the first time in our sound, and lyrically balanced by the wisdom of legendary zen poet Han Chan, Influx is about us all, because it’s about our collective consciousness – what we all feel, desire, experience, dream, remember and envision.

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Heart is like the moon
Bright in the deep green pool
Nothing can compare with it
You tell me how this can be

There is a way I ride
Ocean of stars inside

When the sky’s awake
And the moon shows it’s bright face
Wind and grace and shore
It comes and goes but not through doors

lyrics by Han Shan & Daniel Dorobantu

Daniel Dorobantu – electronics, lyrics, production, artwork

Maria Hojda – vocals

Mircea Ardeleanu Jr. – bass

Attila Lukinich – mixing mastering