Choreographed by Reela Hota, Thy Veils’ new video features Oddisi dance performed by Antonia Rasovan.

Odissi is one of the eight classical dance forms of India, the oldest surviving dance form on the basis of archaeological evidences.

Daniel Dorobantu is a talented artist whose music reflects the search for the creative force of life. In India we pray to this force and give it different names of gods and goddess. So this project was a perfect synergy of our artistry as classical dance in India revolves around the dancers reverence and devotion to a higher force. As a viewer, you will for that moment of time experience the same spark of divinity as the dancer and musicians. I was happy to work with Antonia Rasovan as my student, dancer and visualiser for this song. I am sure her dedication to the arts will serve as an inspiration to many. I hope to continue working with both artistes in the future.” – Reela Hota

Odissi is a form of Indian spiritual dance, whose gestures and movements transmit a real story. Listening to Thy Veils’ song “Mountain and Cloud”, I glimpsed the story hidden in it and wanted to reveal it with the help of my Odissi teacher, Reela Hota. Reela is an artist with many collaborations in India and abroad. From New Delhi, she offered me her expertise in Odissi dance, helping with the project’s technique and choreography. The song composed by Daniel Dorobantu is extremely suave and feminine, emanating gentleness as well as power, and the story transmitted by me is the story of the feminine creative force that constantly works in creating and maintaining the Universe. Daniel has taken forward the story told by movement and signs, giving it added depth through his filming. I thank Daniel for the beautiful song he composed, as there would have been no story to be told without it, and I also thank Reela Hota for the choreography, as there would have been no way of telling that story without it.” – Antonia Rasovan

video by: Daniel Dorobantu

dance & screenplay: Antonia Rasovan

choreography: Reela Hota

music: Thy Veils – Mountain And Cloud