It is the end of seeking

Through Next Forever, Thy Veils conjures a sonoluminescent experience about the joyful warmth of coming home. The album follows up the futuristic odyssey opened in Neorandiant, and, at the same time, diverts from its path by bringing new rhythmic energy and a cosmic soul.

In this chapter, the world is a sole entity that sheds its dual appearance leaving behind only the plenitude of non-measurable time and space. Next Forever explores the immemorable joy of being home and complete.

New intensities, same light

Next Forever is a climate where music becomes an indicator of energy. The individual, in the aridity of knowledge, becomes both the eye that almost closes to create its horizon clearly, and the skyline from its indecipherable end.

To complete the experience, Next Forever brings, just like Neoradiant, a series of translations into different audio-visual formats, which fit into being all the meanings of these new horizons.