Observe the sparkling river. There is a new tale to tell.

A magnificent mountain is drenched in ethereal moon light. Wrapped in meteors, Nebulas are casting luminous shades onto Earth.

There is always light. Even when you sleep. Even when you can not see it. Dazzling harmony embodies a vortex flowing from within and without. Dreamers make wishes. They wish to remember, wish to hear, wish to see, to know, wish to be shown that which was hidden. As long as the proud Sun moved in that spot of the galaxy, by a terribly happy accident, you just need to close your eyes and let your neurons fire up. The light comes in through every crack of your reality.

One hikes alone at night, sculpting a translucent language into the realm, feeling the shining reflected by Earth like long streams of gigantic DNA or like friendly groups of mythological creatures. Who can say, maybe we are as asleep when we think we are awake, as we are in reveries.

One visits the dark caves of blinding gleam and remembers that bathing regularly in the light keeps your dream boots clean and your path will attract fireflies. Lucidity transformed the dreamer into a new being. A very soft, yet electrifying conversation is streaming through every cell, fine tuning purity rays.

It’s not the flitting and phosphorescent light seen at night that you follow, it’s the legendary “crown of the LEDs of this Earth”, it behooves us to learn more about it in order to perform a full-body reading of the luminosity and to wonder about it’s subtle nature.

Spontaneous pristine pitches and tones emerge as particles of light, stars in the nightsky. And just like that you brought back the laughter you forgot.

Words of Noctilucent by Andreea Musat, Felix Petrescu (Makunouchi Bento) & Daniel Dorobanțu

In November 18, 2013 Thy Veils was releasing “Lumine”, the most welcomed studio album in 18 years of deep creative work. The album is a marker for the bands’ transition towards fusion and syncretic art, including music, video works and dance projects. 11 talented musicians came together into this fructuous collaboration. 

Noctilucent is the 6th video-art composition on the album and with it’s contemplative state and experimental form, integrates perfectly in the enchanting atmosphere of “Lumine”.

Floating into a dreamy landscape of evanescing mountains and guided by the musics’ charm, the listener becomes narrator of his own story.

Produced by Daniel Dorobanțu, Noctilucent is an introspective work, leading us to a deeper meaning of reality and opening a sense of wonder over the essential nature of all things.

Daniel Dorobanțu – electronic instruments, arrangement, audio & video production
Manuela Marchiș – voice
Alexandru Shanyio Hegyesi – dulcimer
Attila Lukinich | DSPro Studio – audio mixing, mastering