In 1995 Thy Veils starts to take shape as a studio project. It remains in this format until 2008, when the meeting with the vocalist Manuela Marchiş transforms Thy Veils into a group. Soon, the live activity begins and includes photography, video art and dance into its syncretic portfolio, becoming a point of reference on the Romanian electronic scene.

Thy Veils – The Vibrant Decennary
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May 2021 begins with “The Vibrant Decennary”, an album that includes 16 live recordings from 2010-2020, presented unchronologically. The new album begins with the collaboration between Thy Veils and the artists of Psihodrom Records in December 2020, continues with live recordings at the Simultan Festival, then goes through concerts at Maria Radna Monastery and Sziget Festival and ends with the first concert abroad held in Berlin in 2010.

Performing on “The Vibrant Decennary”: Ciprian Costache (Arc Gotic, guitar), Sergiu Cătană (drums), Daniel Dorobanțu (electronics, production), John Ciurea (Enikeni, drums), Alex Halka (electronics), Octavian “Vita” Horvath (150Stoka, Implant Pentru Refuz, vocal), Mihai Grădină (GRAV, We Are Creepz, electronics), Petre Ionuțescu (trumpet), Attila Lukinich (mixing, mastering), Manuela Marchiș (vocal), Adrian Marian (Lemarian, electronics), Alira Mun (vocal), Utu Pascu (Doctorul Sinteză, electronics), Ana Pieloiu (guitar), Radu Pieloiu (drums, percussion), Marcelle Poaty-Souami (keys), Vlad Sturdza (guitar), Vlad Trif (V.A.G., keys), Tiberiu Vasilescu (GRAV, We Are Creepz, electronics).

“The Vibrant Decennary” is the 3rd official live material in the Thy Veils discography, after “Live in Elisabetin” (2014) and “Live at Gărâna Jazz Festival” (2017).

Between May 14-16 2021, Thy Veils will participate in the first edition of the Psihodrom Festival, an online event that will bring together more than 30 artists from the Romanian electronic music scene.