The event is, in fact, the worlds’ way of changing into being. When art intervenes in this form of implication, irrespective of everything else, one is prone to transformation.

To stage an artistic act has become an expression nowadays, if not necessarily gross, but devoid of foundation, meaning or purpose. From the celebration of such moments of inspiration, it has come to a simple statement, almost telegraphic, of these expression exercises of beauty and goodness. To change the meanings in the social consciousness is not just a battle worn in vain, but a straggle filled with all sort of implications that can’t bring any constructive ideas. There is no need to delete memories or thoughts for others to take place. In the experience’s vastness can sit all the meanings of humans activity, as on a bench in an existential park enlighten by warmth. It is, ultimately, about friendship and the power of sharing that can create new characters and directions.

Galactic Tick Day is a celebration. It is the first holiday designed to raise awareness about the fascinating movement of the Solar System around the Milky Way galaxy. The day occurs on a regular interval of 1.7361 years, which is called a Galactic Tick, and the interval is derived from a Galactic Year, which is the Solar System’s roughly 225 million year trip around the galactic center. The celebration is not initiated by the scientific community, but by people passionate about science and the mysteries of the universe, hoping to educate and to bring recognition that we’re all one big family, a planetary society. 

If we stop and think about the events the history traced, we understand why the humankind felt an untranslatable need to show their gratitude towards what bring them joy, and all through dance, singing or gestures. Through goodness the universe makes you watch everything different, to slip in such moods as when the simplicity of one smile would become understandable for the existence.

Thy Veils and Alira Mun aim to present their art with the occasion of this event, and after we clarified the whole meaning of Galactic Tick Day, is even easier to understand their testimony. Music is what is required in such a dance, where the steps are known only by the planets. The sound, though its immateriality is the way one may find being the most appropriate to crown their joy and gratitude. Therefore, with music this journey gets stellar aspects, covering distances that human mind may find infinite. On March 20, we can all share this spectacular dance among the constellations.

Thy Veils – Alira Mun – Galactic Tick Day – Live in Escape

Nicolae Baldovin