Our upcoming album Next Forever is a paved path of inspiration, where every brick that brings us forth in this story is a microcosm of experience, visions, personal stories. And Upstream follows that glue itself, which binds each of these bricks together – inspiration.

“Fire, fire
Fighter turn the light
We’ll go upstream
Along the strong eternal wind”

Upstream in an effortless progression, rolling through ideas and boundless thoughts, we observe the universe around. How it unfolds, as the earth turns. We calmly stroll along time.

“I see you
Burning bright the light
I see you”

What a wonder! To be able to be inspired – the moment when you feel that energy at your fingertips, or in your vocal cords, ready to flee, to manifest clearly into the physical world.

“And we find
The place of our dreams
Through the voidless
When we go upstream”

The nature of inspiration itself comes to us as a cascade – falling from above uncontrollably. Completely independent from one’s will. It just flows endlessly.

If one’s lucky enough to find it, we see two options ahead. Come with buckets, as many as you can carry and leave them at the bottom, for inspiration to fill them up to the brink.

Or, as we often choose, the option is to swim upstream on the inspiration thread, to find out where it originates from. What lies at the source of inspiration? To answer such a question, the exploration goes beyond one’s limit.

“The future reflected
In all-knowing eyes”

Whenever you think you reached your limit, inspiration is a few steps beyond – at the spring of the cascade, where we transcend the self. It is at that point that the quest feels like a return home. 

“We’ll go upstream
Along the strong eternal wind”

The familiarity of the flow state is the chaperon who leads the travels into the unknown. And you’re ready to embrace it all.